CycleOps VirtualTraining - training software for ergometers to download

VirtualTraining is a training portal for avid athletes. At this portal, open your personal account for free and obtain your  professional training diary, analyze your performance, or share virtual routes with your friends. Just download the VirtualTraining desktop or tablet application to begin training on virtual routes! Store your training recordings from all of your training devices in one place!

Train intelligently and enjoyably with CycleOps VirtualTraining!

Download Application

Download the VirtualTraining Desktop Application to import data from numerous devices to the training portal. Create, browse and share virtual routes and many other functions with your friends. The basic features of the desktop application is free of charge. More information in Tour section.

In order to upload your training data from external devices to the VirtualTraining portal, download the free desktop application VirtualTraining or PowerTap Mobile. Desktop application allows you to import your training data to the portal, create, view and share virtual routes, and much more.

To take advantage of the VirtualTraining software to its fullest extent, purchase a license of our fee-based deskstop or tablet version and enjoy the considerable benefits. You can control your training on CycleOps trainers, power meter PowerTap or Wahoo KICKR trainer. This modern and attractive training method not only allows you to train during the winter time, but also with load tests on the virtual route with synchronized video or racing via internet! Read more in section Tour.


Version 1.3.1545